OS Liquid Marine OS Liquid Step 1 (1 gal)
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OS Liquid Marine OS Liquid Step 1 (1 gal)

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Step 1 only is Perfect for Marine use.  Totally safe to clean gas and oil from fiberglass.  Also use to remove rainbow on water after a overfill when refueling. Cleans diesel soot stains. "All purpose Cleaner"

Treats 200sq/ft per gallon. For Spills On Hard Surfaces and Soils

Includes One Gallon of OS Step 1 Liquid

OS Step 1 is a green degreaser like no other. Through a patented microencapsulation process, the hazardous characteristics of the waste such as ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity, are quickly eliminated.
Upon contact, the odor of the waste and the stain left behind are also eliminated. The resulting silica (sand) matrix is resistant to water leaching and effectively locks the hazardous components into a stable, environmentally safe residue.

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