OS Powder 10 lbs
Oil Solutions

OS Powder 10 lbs

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Oil Solutions Oil Absorbent Powder is a patented super-absorbent polymer. Its unique attributes can reduce the time and costs associated with remediation and the clean-up of a wide variety of fuel, oil and other hydrocarbon spills on water or on hard surfaces.

OS Oil Absorbent Powder provides a fast, simple, safe and affordable means for not just absorption, but micro-encapsulation of oil. Spills are permanently encapsulated on contact and the end product floats indefinitely and exceeds EPA leeching guidelines for non-hazardous disposal. OS Oil Absorbent Powder will reduce the risk liability and costs.

Easily Cleans up: Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene, Power Steering Fluids, Jet Fuel, Hydraulic Fluids, Motor Oil, Diesel

  • Instant absorption on contact
  • Absorbed powder bonds together into floating mats
  • Floats indefinitely for easy retrieval
  • Will not adhere to shorelines or other materials Hydrocarbons are contained permanently
  • Exceeds EPA leeching guidelines for non-hazardous disposal Can be recycled or used as a bulk energy source

Instructions for Use

Simply apply OS Oil Absorbent Powder over the spill area to rapidly absorb and transform a spill into solid clusters, suitable for easy recovery. Hydrocarbons such as crude oil and most fuels will form into a solid mat.

OS Oil Absorbent Powder requires less product per spill compared to traditional sorbent products. Depending on environmental conditions, OS Oil Absorbent Powder is typically applied at a rate of 1-2 lbs. per gallon spilled. OS Oil Absorbent Powder remains afloat while other products may only float for a limited time. Absorbed powder also exceeds EPA leeching guidelines for non-hazardous disposal. These attributes combined with rapid spill control performance, make OS Oil Absorbent Powder an extremely cost effective spill solution.

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