OS Powder


  •  Os powder is for pooling or standing oil or oil on water
  •  Os liquid is for oil stain. oil odor. oil sheen or oil in soil.  
  •  Os liquid is the only product in the world that removes old oil stains.  
  •  Os powder can be reused multiple times 

    Non-hazardous to the natural environment
    (2 lbs trial size will absorb and encapsulate 3 gallons of petroleum)

    OS Oil Absorbent Powder is the Complete solution for remediation & clean-up of fuel, oil, and other hydrocarbon spills. Oil spills on water and hard surfaces are no match for OS Oil Absorbent Powder. OS Oil Absorbent Powder is a unique super-absorbent that can reduce the risks, time, and costs. It provides a safe, simple, and effective means for not just absorption, but microencapsulation of oil spills on water or on any surface.

    Oil Solutions Oil Absorbent Powder is available in a number of sizes. For larger sizes, please contact us at (631) 608-8889.

    15 gallons of Fuel Oil encapsulated with 10 lbs. of OS POWDER