OS Oil Remediation Technology

Oil Solutions introduces ground-breaking patented technology that is redefining oil cleanup methods. Our new non-toxic products are easily applied for rapid spill absorption from all hard surfaces, soil and water.

OS Powder and OS Liquid don’t just soak up oil; hydrocarbons are encapsulated on contact. Your spill will never again be released into the environment. Properties such as toxicity and odors are immediately neutralized and eliminated. The encapsulated spill is quickly transformed into an EPA listed safe and non-toxic silica that is easily disposed of and even approved to be left in place on your spill site indefinitely.

Our product line is defined as your complete oil spill clean-up product because it remediates your entire spill. OS Powder provides a safe and simple way to collect and remove any size pooling spill on either land or on water and OS Liquid goes further to address the remaining absorbed oil and the associated oil stain by literally extracting them from all hard surfaces, soils and sand. When used together on a spill location, you will be amazed by how effective each product is. You now have a remediation method that you can feel good about using.

We are proud to offer this patented green technology to anyone who deals with hydrocarbons on a regular basis. It is remarkable how one of the most challenging substances to clean up now has a fast, safe, simple and affordable solution. Please visit our demonstration videos for additional information.